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March 29, 2006 Column #7: Let Daunte Go In Peace! The Attacks on Culpepper Continue

“Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues...”
A weekly column by Ron Edwards featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

At his 3-20-06 appearance before the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce, new Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress squandered his public debut by fanning the flames of pettiness through character assassination of Daunte Culpepper rather than talk of his vision for the ‘06 season.

The 3-21-06 Pi Press reported Childress told the chamber he didn't want Daunte (“Childress heard enough…to know he didn’t want Daunte Culpepper on his football team”). The owners gave him his wish. So why blast Daunte? Why wasn’t Childress man enough to see Daunte face to face instead of just on the phone? The new owner met Daunte face-to-face. Why decide on hearsay ? What kind of coach (or any leader) makes decisions on hearsay?

Childress followed the Twin City script of demeaning high level Blacks when they leave. Although the new owner had stated publicly he wanted both Moss and Culpepper, his staff out maneuvered him on each and he lost two of the NFL’s best players. Childress showed his audience he can crack the whip. His comments about Culpepper are like saying he, Childress, is head of the Vikings plantation, and that Black players beware: the master is here. Do as I say or be gone.

This was not surprising to us long time observers of the Vikings sports scene. It is an old Vikings script: “Negro, mind your manners, be humble, be obedient, and do a little jig for Boss.”

Racism blinds. Even though Daunte Culpepper was respected on the field, in the locker room, and in the community, the Massas class is so obsessed with flogging their Black workers that they don’t realize that the entire plantation could erupt in rebellion.

Brad Childress is a hearsay man who, as an assistant coach in Philadelphia, made some rather unfounded observations about Daunte Culpepper’s intelligence and intellect at a time when Philadelphia was making their selection decision for their future quarterback. Maybe that explains why Daunte felt it was time to leave. And it may also explain why Daunte, who thought he still had good relations with the organization, was turned down when he asked for Coach Childress' playbook (Strib, 3-22-06, “Childress withheld playbook from Culpepper”) . Why give one to someone you plan to trade? Maybe Coach Childress, who has never called an offensive play in his professional life, felt that his offensive scheme was too complex for a slow-witted Daunte Culpepper. Although new, Coach Childress has already picked up his cue: play to the maddening crowd of local sports fans and writers, invoking the race card to humiliate and degrade a young man for no other reason than the color of his skin (that is The Twin Cities way). Daunte, among the top 5 in the NFL, will answer on the field in Miami.

Whose life is more important in death?

In Doug Grow's column of Tuesday, March 21, (Violence creeps into Uptown—and our Consciousness) he talked about the tragic death of a 25 year old White West Virginia man, who was shot and killed on the previous Saturday in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. Early on in his article, Doug pointed out the following: “Perverse as it was, if this crime had happened in a poor neighborhood, it wouldn't have dented the consciousness of most of us. Crimes against the poor in poor neighborhoods should be taken just as seriously as crimes in Uptown or downtown.”

One has to appreciate and respect Doug Grow for picking up on the undercurrent of race. Unlike when Blacks are killed, there will be hell to pay this time, as it was a white man shot by a Black man. The city assumes crime is out of control, that the city was in danger, and that the safety of white folks is at risk.

People conveniently forgot that on that same block, about five days before, a young Hispanic had been gunned down and killed (with no fanfare or candlelight vigil or news coveage). It is considered murderous mayhem only when there is a White death.

As we write this column, there have recently been 12 homicides in the City of Minneapolis, 9 African Americans, 2 Hispanics, and one White. And yet it was the one White death that created a call to arms, a call for draconian measures to deal with a now sense of emergency. The calculus is simple: the loss of one white life is more dear than the deaths of 11 human beings of color.

We appreciate that a white columnist writing for a white paper had the courage and conviction to expose the soiled petticoats of racism. Poor Black communities of Minneapolis understand there is no compassion or sensitivity to our plight: that the life of one white is worth more than the life of 11 persons of color. The silence from the leadership of this city is deafening, as communities of color are important to them only on election days. Otherwise, by their actions, they are saying that our lives and our future have no value to them, as they see us being of no consequence.

Posted 3-29-06, 11:59 p.m.

March 15, 2006 Column #6: A BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING

“Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues...”
A weekly column by Ron Edwards featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

With the departure from this life of the beloved Kirby Puckett, baseball lost part of its soul, part of its tenderness of life. Kirby had an infectious smile, a love of the game (two time World Series Champion, MVP, golden glove All-Star Hall of Famer), a love of the fans (he sign autographs for all who waited) and a love of the community (he was proud to be a Minnesotan). That was 45 year old Kirby Puckett, friend and mentor to many in and outside of the game.

As Kirby enters that eternal Hall of Fame, we can see standing at those gates, welcoming him, Satchell Page, Josh Gibson, Jackie Robinson, Oscar Charleton, and the other great legends of the games.

If I were a newspaper editorial cartoonist, I would draw Kirby standing tall next to Jackie Robinson who has his arm around Kirby’s neck while saying, “Welcome big fella, we’ve been waiting a long time for you.” Thus we celebrate a great man, who led a great life, part of which happened to include being a great baseball player. We’ll save for another time our comments on the hypocrites, white and black, who turned their backs on him, who severed their relationships with him, who pretended he was not the great human being that many knew him to be, who broke his heart.

Kirby joined the spirit of our beloved Nellie Stone Johnson in recognizing the importance of education by establishing scholarships at the University of Minnesota. He raised millions for the American Heart Association. Look how many girls and boys, black and white, are named after Kirby. Recall the little Latin American girl who only knew two words of English: Kirby Puckett, as it was Kirby who chartered the plane that flew her to doctors to fix her heart, at Kirby’s expense.

This is what makes so wonderful the tremendous outpouring of love for Kirby since his passing. As a columnist, we sadly recall recall having to write about how the fans of Minnesota and the Upper Midwest turned their backs on him. So we are particularly moved to see them coming back with an outpouring of love and sorrow for a man who left this world before his time. I just wish he could have experienced the true emotions of the everyday fan. So many river folk gain a tremendous sense of identity with their pro teams (Kansas City, St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, Cincinnati). In the Twin Cities, many fans developed their sense of identity first through Kirby Pucket, then the Twins, then the Twin Cities. What greater tribute can we offer? We can just see Kirby in that heavenly Hall of Fame Above, aviator’s cap on, waving one of those homer hankies as he says, “I love you Minnesota fans.” Kirby was and always will be the beloved Kirby Puckett.

Daunte Culpepper: A Man on the Move

Another great relationship has come to an end, this time between one of the great quarterbacks of the game and the Minnesota Vikings organization. The mainstream media have portrayed Daunte Culpepper as an African American who didn’t appreciate what the Massa has done for him, and that he is not able to understand his life and finances.

Thus, Minnesota and its mainstream media continue to poison the well with their obsession with destroying successful, outstanding African American athletes and coaches. Daunte Culpepper is being run out of town, and joins the exit parade of Clem Haskins, Sidney Lowe, Denny Green, Randy Moss and Kirby Puckett. Is Kevin Garnett next? We discussed this in our 2005 year end column, as we welcomed an exception, the Star Tribune sports writer Patrick Reusse’s 12-19-05 column about the racism of Minnesota reflected in the way fans gave white Brad Johnson a “free pass” for his errors while “screaming for Daunte’s neck” regarding his, which connects with Pioneer Press sports columnist Tom Powers’ 3-9-06 column headline: the “Vikings fumble truth in running off Culpepper.”

Former Head Coach Denny Green appreciated the fact that his African American players were also sensitive and, like most of us, proud young men wanting to be successful and win on the field of competition, and be appreciated and respected by the organization, by the media, and, most importantly, by the fans.

The Vikings staff held over from previous ownership (which we warned against), working behind new ownership’s back, has finally gotten rid of the last of Green’s great ones. It will now be “their” team. Moses’ declaration of “let my people go” has become the corner stone of African American athletes and coaches in this state (and why many bypass the UM). Minnesota will continue to enjoy its racist musical scores of nullification and reversals of Black men. Regardless, Daunte will go with dignity. We will continue to enjoy Daunte on TV, wherever he goes. Daunte is a young man who only asks to be respected as a human being and as a man. He has earned it. As in previous columns, we salute Daunte and say, “Thank you. God bless you. All the best.”

Posted 3-15-06, 7:20 p.m.

March 1, 2006 Column #5: What a disappointment: The long awaited testimony

“Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues...”
A weekly column by Ron Edwards featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

As one reads the headlines of the Thursday, 2-23-06 front pages of the Strib (Witness: Reed didn’t kill St. Paul officer), and the PiPress (Witness: Sackett suspect at scene. But woman says defendant ‘didn’t kill’ officer), only those who don’t read this newspaper and column would be surprised.

For over a year, the general public had been led to believe that Connie Trimble (Constance Trimble-Smith), when given the opportunity to testify, would place the rifle in the hands of Ronnie Reed, would have him pull the trigger and snuff out the life of Officer James Sackett back on May 22, 1970, and that within seconds after that terrible act, that Connie and Ron would drive half a block to the home of co-defendant Larry Clark, and there Mr. Clark would take possession of the weapon under his coat, go to his girl friend’s apartment, enlist the aid of his girl friend’s 16 year old brother, dismantle the rifle, drive back to St. Paul, and then throw it off a bridge overlooking the Mississippi River.

Last Wednesday, February 22nd, a packed courtroom awaited testimony that would finally reveal the accepted “truth” about this crime of 26 years ago. Instead, to the surprise and shock of those seated in the court room, and to tens of thousands who read their dailies the next morning, Connie Trimble did not deliver the story arc of the government’s well crafted creative narrative. She exposed the falsehood reported by the PiPress and Strib that the prosecutors had an air tight case.

But we have shown otherwise in our reporting in 2005 of April 6, July 27, August 24, September 21, October 2, November 30, and, in 2006, February 15, and, today, March 1 st , as well as in our July 9, 2005 web log essay of 5,181 words , which including 37 questions we raised for the proscecution that are still unanswered.

Thus, for nearly a year, this papepr has scooped the dailies about the trial and exposed their suppression of the truth. We are proud to write for a paper with integrity. Is it any wonder that mainstream media like the PiPress and Strib are losing subscribers, newsstand sales, readership, and advertising?

We see again the effort to extort another pound of flesh for Black activism of 60s, as if to “send a message” to us in the 21 st century. We will continue to regularly update our coverage of the trial in our special solution paper, “Following the trials of Reed and Clark” on our web page, that links to our columns and web log entries, pointing out the problems in the case and the biased journalism of the major dailies. We know why Anderson and Enron shredded evidentiary documents. We’d like to know why the evidentiary documents and exhibits of Connie’s 1972 trial in Rochester (she was acquitted by an all white jury) have likewise been destroyed.

Recall how the Sunday, February 19, 2006 St. Paul Dispatch pushed the envelop with its full page story on what a strong judge and great human being Reed trial presiding Judge Greg Johnson is. We see this as a way to distract from a weak case . This is what happens when the dailies attempt to market injustice as justice. As an African American, you can see the deck being steadily stacked against you. We said it before, and we say it now, and unfortunately we will have to say it again in the future, that this is one of the most outrageous abuses of the judiciary system in the history of Minnesota law. Stay tuned, and God bless Connie Trimble and her family.

Getting ready to research you. Hennepin County has commissioned a study through its NorthPoint Health and Wellness Center (the new name for Pilot City Health Center ) to justify the creation of a Research Institute, “a major interdisciplinary center involving collaboration, a partnership, between the University and the city of Minneapolis” under the supervision of Dr. Dante Cicchetti. And even though Northpoint’s web site declares “we are committed to helping the members of our community live happier, healthier lives,” we are not yet convinced, and still ask what they mean by “a ‘living laboratory’ for research purposes”. Some have interpreted this as a program in pre-genocide (we are still waiting for a statement that says otherwise). We suggest you obtain a copy as soon as possible, particularly in light of the alleged findings that African American males are a targeted group with significant levels of depression and suicide.

The report ignores the correlation of social ills like deliberate institutionalized (purposeful) poor education, purposeful blocks to economic opportunity, and racism, official actions that can deteriorate the mental state of mind of a human being. The report gives the impression that such Blacks folks represent danger that requires preparing the camps in the tradition of Germany of the 1930s and 1940s we discussed in this column last year.

Posted 3-1-06, 11:59 p.m.

February 15, 2006 Column #4: Ronald Reed was correct. The continued search for justice.

“Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues...”
A weekly column by Ron Edwards featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

The Minneapolis and St. Paul newspapers (Star Tribune, Pioneer Press) of February 7th, 8th, and 9th had a field day printing shallow stories short on facts of the passionate fight being waged by Ronald Reed in the Court room of Ramsay County (Ronald Reed and Larry Clark are being tried separately).

We wonder why the papers don’t report about the equally passionate fight being waged by the court itself against Ronald Reed in that same court room. This column is to help redress the imbalance.

We know, without fear of contradiction (and in light of Judge Johnson refusing to allow Mr. Reed to read his letter to the court), that Mr. Reed has every right to fear his legal representation (next time he should say he represents himself, pro se so he can be heard).

Judge Greg Johnson’s actions certainly reflect a chilling atmosphere and raise serious doubts regarding Mr. Reed obtaining a fair trial and prove his innocence. Certainly the motion requesting a change in venue is in order. The Black community saw the power of the White lynch mob in the Evans case just two weeks ago in another Ramsey County courtroom, The atmosphere of hostility and racism, the catcalls, the well orchestrated challenges to the few African Americans allowed into the Evans trial represents a danger sign for the trials of both Mr. Reed and Mr. Clark.

One has to question the process that allows a public defender attorney to meet only six times with his client in the year since he was appointed to represent him. It’s as if both the prosecution and the defense were appointed to be hostile.

Do Mr. Reed’s attorneys feel that he is not intelligent enough or learned enough to discuss trial strategy that will determine his future and his freedom? We personally know that, as a witness subpoenaed to give testimony at the trial of Mr. Reed, we have never talked to by Mr. Reed’s attorney. We have no idea of how we would be examined. There has been no follow-up to the statements we gave Mr. Reed’s investigator in the Fall of 2005. Far too frequently we have seen attorneys who lacked passion, commitment or tenaciousness in defending African Americans.

Contrary to what some may think, there aren’t many of us left who lived the events of the 1960s and 1970s and who are able to speak to and identify those issues, and thus provide testimony in defense of Mr. Reed and Mr. Clark.

We repeat again, Mr. Reed has every right to be fearful of the court given its continued undermining of his franchise. Check it out: an all White jury (his “peers”). A White judge, White prosecutors, and Mr. Reed’s White appointed White public defenders. Is there any wonder why we question whether his rights and interests will be protected?

Unfortunately, we in America who are Black have come to know that all to often, if you are black you damn well know that the deck called justice has been stacked against you.

To better understand the way the “justice system” is treating Reed and Clark, (1) read our paper: The Solution to The Trials of Ronald Reed and Larry Clark, Is the Pursuit and Application of Fairness and Justice; (2) read the Columns and Blog entrees on our web site as listed below; (3) read the chapters and Interludes noted below from our book:

COLUMNS in 2005 (ranging between 800 and 900 words) reported about Ronald Reed and Larry Clark:

#7 April 6, 2005: Has the community abandoned Reed and Clark? Why have those who benefited from their activism have fallen silent?

#16 August 10, 2005: There was no Black Panther Party in Minnesota. Sinister plot concocted to influence all-White jury?

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#19 September 21, 2005: TheTrial begins: The Government vs. Clark and Reed

#20 October 2, 2005: Clark and Reed: The subpoenas are served

#24 November 30, 2005: City Escalates Disrespect for the African American Family of State Representative Neva Walker is the latest target; Subheading: Clark and Reed

BLOG ENTRIES are essays continuing the reporting:

#67, 7-9-2005 : Our 5,181 word essay ends with 37 questions. Justice and fairness demands that they be answered, preferably in court. Here is part of title of our Blog entry #67: “Why is the…Press Extorting history in its reporting of the joint FBI - St. Paul Police raid on the facilities, memory, and history of the St. Paul Inner City Youth League…?” This entry ends by asking, “ In terms of Reed and Clark, let justice be served. If they are guilty, so be it. Bring on the gurney. But if they are innocent, as I believe, then set these life long servants of the community free.”

#63. 6-23-2005, Blog: Our 1,859 word essay: The Re-opening of the discussion about the 1992 Haaf case continues the DFL “PR Campaign” to paint Blacks as “terrorists.” This time as killers of the peace

BOOK CHAPTERS AND INTERLUDES: For more examples , see these chapters and interludes from our book (available online at Chapter 3 (my own experience); 10 (Luther Darville); and 5 (others). See also the legal issues covered in Interludes 4, 6, 8, 13-15.

Posted 2-15-06, 4:10 a.m.

February 1, 2006 Column #3: Superintendent Peebles: The Final Thrust!

“Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues...”
A weekly column by Ron Edwards featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

If there was ever an institution committed to the final destruction of a human being, it is the Minneapolis Board of Education. We have just witnessed its successful campaign to destroy Superintendent Thandiwe Peebles, who resigned Friday, 1-27-06 (Strib, “ Minneapolis superintendent Peebles resigns“) . It has been said that if you want to bring down America, continue its education system the way it is. In our book’s Chapter 8, we call it “Poor schools for poor kids to keep them poor: clubbing the cubs into inferiority and helplessness.” Indeed, we cried out then and we still cry out, “stop the clubbing and teach skills, optimism, and hope.”

“Last June, board members praised her academic talents” (Strib, 1-21-06, “Peebles could be on her way out”). The district web site and Strib articles report her Cleveland success that she has also achieved here under her leadership: “Minneapolis schools made record gains on basic skills, math and reading tests.” Her reward: a Board “lynching” based on her leadership style. That is always code to hide the resentment staff and board members being made to actually do their jobs by strong leaders. In other words, she did the job she was hired to do. Superintendent is not 9-5. Its every day and every night. Which is why certain personal errands are done for her, just as they ar done for the Board, and ditto government and corporate executives).

The final indignity was going to be the lie that she lied about her credentials, that she didn’t have a doctoral degree. On the school district’s web site, it clearly states that she “completed her doctoral work.” And this is correct. It means she completed her course work, successfully passed her qualifying exams, and has completed her dissertation. It has been accepted and assigned the traditional requests for slight revisions (the “rite of passage” and bane of all doctoral students).

The community was holding its collective breath, as the school board, through its favorite handmaiden, Steve Brandt and the Strib, continued the drumbeat to drive her out of town. The DFL politics of personal destruction continues. When Senate committees vote along party lines and school boards vote on racial lines (Strib today), we know the common good is not the issue. Thus the “word” being quietly circulated that the Superintendent falsified her academic credentials.

This very clever strategy by the board to withhold The O’Brien Report (Dennis O’Brien, MPS attorney, on retainer for 13 years), that investigated the anonymous and false allegations accusing her of using district employees to make personal phone appointments (so common in companies and government) added the false credentials accusation. They painted the Superintendent into a corner. How do you fight when the judging officials are proudly lying about you and twisting the few facts that they receive?

The obsession of this board to destroy Superintendent Peeples and to flog the African American community has thus reared its ugly head again. It is the Board that interviewed her two years ago. It is the Board that recommended her based on having asked all of the right questions in their interview. It is the Board that did the appropriate examination and background checks, and thus had the opportunity to evaluate her personality, demeanor, and credentials. It is the Board that discovered the turn around she achieved in Cleveland. And it is the Board that approved two Superintendents in the last decade who had no doctoral degrees at all (Dave Jennings, Peter Hutchinson). They said it didn’t matter then. But it matters now? Say what?

This Board would now have us believe that the problem is not them but a flawed process, the key factors for which were missed. If that is the case, then the Board should be the first ones removed from office. Their record speaks for itself: they are incompetent and a menace to Black students’ education. Thandiwe Peebles was a menace to their plantation mentality for minorities. And we know what that means: don’t let them read and write so they can get out on their own.

Recall that it was this Board that wanted a strong Superintendent who was a good administrator and who would carry out the responsibilities with passion, and who, more than anyone, cared about the children and their progress as learners. In other words, Peebles was a Superintendent who could provide the leadership to drive up the test scores in math and reading and prepare our children for the challenges of the 21 st century in a district that has for decades not delivered to minorities. As some of us have suspected, and now clearly understand, these School Board horsewomen of the apocalypse were merely playing a game and running a scam to hide their sham.

Thandiwe Peebles has satisfied the academic standards for receiving her doctoral degree. It is a mere technicality that she has not been “awarded” her doctorate yet. As her bio states, she has “completed” the work. Our question is why does the School Board not back the person who did her job and instead fires her for doing it? And what other Board decisions are working against our kids being educated and prepared to read and write.

Posted 2-1-06, 11:59 p.m.

January 18, 2006 Column #2: Researching you: analyzing the Black community

“Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues...”
A weekly column by Ron Edwards featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

There was a research disaster on sexual conduct three years ago by the University of Minnesota at Nellie Stone Johnson Middle School. Exposed by three teachers, the university “fixed” it by blaming us. By moving their research center to North Minneapolis at Plymouth and Penn, they believe they can do research without being held hostage by the Black community and without having to ask for permission from the Black community.

If the university wants to do a Tuskegee (Macon County, Alabama) syphilis-type study, or if the university wants to create a plan for out-of-home placement of children and babies of color, they can, masking their work by being located in our local community. (Historic footnote: From 1932-72, treatment was purposefully withheld from 399 Black males in Tuskegee so the government could study the effects of syphilis, a powerful example of racism in medicine, ethics and government.)

For 16 months, presentations have been made to the Hennepin County Board and to the City of Minneapolis. So impressed, both County and City have set aside $5 million each to begin the construction of this research facility at Plymouth and Penn.

Dr. Dante Cicchetti, who received his Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the University of Minnesota, will return to become the research director. Why not for White children? Until shown differently, we view this as a plan for the harvesting of little Black minds and bodies for research that will be worth millions to the University of Minnesota and to the City’s and County’s vendors for out-of-home placement, adoptions, etc. (Biographic footnote: Cicchetti’s studies are in the area of assessment, intervention and treatment of “high risk” children and their families.)

The university, County and City say that they already held some kind of public forum in either late September or early October, and that the communities of color have been told all they need to know. Why, thank ya, Boss. Where do we form our Tuskegee line?

Some state and County insiders are saying that the research design could become a national model for the dismantling of the African American family (recall our book’s theme that Minneapolis wants to teach America how to put/keep us in our place). Liberal/DFL policy already is at work achieving this goal. Just think, these may be the first steps toward a kind of benign, compassionate “genocide” in living color.

Why haven’t our elected officials at that meeting spoken up? That the research cannot be stopped, that the center cannot be stopped, is no excuse for silence. As we said in the column two weeks ago, keep an eye out for a horror movie coming to your neighborhood soon.

Punishing the Black community 15 years later
Why was the Medal of Valor awarded in secret (Strib, 1-13-05, Award in fatal shooting reopens wounds) to Officer Dan May of the Minneapolis Police Department’s K-9 unit, who shot 17-year-old Tycel Nelson in December 1990? We see another example of how Minneapolis keeps trying to put us in our place. The Strib reported “three undisputed facts:” Nelson was shot in the back; his fingerprints were not on the revolver found later near the scene; and he was wearing a black and white striped shirt. (May initially described the suspect he chased as wearing a brown leather coat).

Can mistakes happen? Yes. But you don’t award medals of valor for mistakes. Former Chief John Laux refused to approve the medal. Current Chief McManus said he would not have approved had he known about it. Thus, that medal represents another mean-spirited blow to the tranquility and sensibilities of the African American community in general and a devastating blow in particular to the friends and family of Tycel Nelson.

That controversial case led to the heartbreak of a community. Despite a special prosecutor being appointed, the Hennepin grand jury declined to hand up an indictment. Why the 15-year obsession by some in the Minneapolis Police Department with making a back-shooter a hero? To punish and hold us up to ridicule?

This was clearly a decision orchestrated by others in positions of authority and power. Chief McManus has rejected and repudiated this award and all that it stands for. Does the mayor and his office do the same? We want to know.

And why haven’t the new city council’s African American members spoken up? Where do they stand on this award and its opening of old and deep wounds?

Why do officials seek to punish and flog the African American community? What do you say to a mother who, upon hearing of this decision, was placed under doctor’s care due to her anguish? What is it we have done that makes these officials so hate us, that makes them view us as so lowly, to so despise us and inflict such pain on a family? Why, God? What do you say to question a city that has become so mean-spirited under the leadership of the Democratic Party? God bless and pray for Black America.

Posted 1-18-06

January 4, 2006 Column #1: THE DEATH OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS ORDINANCE: Minneapolis continues to show America how to keep us in our place

“Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues...”
A weekly column by Ron Edwards featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

When Neal St. Anthony (Star Tribune, February 21, 2005), wrote about the purchase of MPI by its employees (see our December 14 th column), it sounded like the beginning of the great American dream for these Somalis and African Americans, who scraped together $480,000 to purchase MPI from the Leamington Group of the Bob Short empire.

City hall conspirators knew that within less than 10 months, MPI would be out of business and their dream destroyed by fellow Blacks and the DFL party. Who among them or us would have believed them.

Posted 1-4-06, 8:26 a.m.

Ron hosts “Black Focus” on Channel 17, MTN-TV, Sundays, 5-6 pm. Formerly head of the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission and the Urban League, he continues his “watchdog” role for Minneapolis. Order his book, hear his voice, read his solution papers, and read his between columns “web log” at

Permission is granted to reproduce The Minneapolis Story columns, blog entires and solution papers. Please cite the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder and for the columns. Please cite for blog entries and solution papers.

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