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June 21, 2006 Column #13: A Safe City? Wrongly Targeting the Black Population

“Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues...”
A weekly column by Ron Edwards featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

City officials held two meetings in our "northern corridor" June 14 th , one in North Minneapolis (at the Urban League, attended by over 100 citizens), and a second, in Northeast Minneapolis (attended by over 150 citizens), while blocks away from the Urban League, shots were being fired and African American youths were being wounded.

The theme for both: Crime.

The discussion for both: Strategy.

The targets: Black juveniles, with others of color not far behind.

Their mistake: labeling this a Black problem.

The real type of problem: a gang and crime problem.

Recall history: when John Dillenger and other white gangs headquartered in St. Paul in the 1930s, they didn't call it a "white problem," but a gang and crime problem.

The mental psyche of Minneapolis changed dramatically earlier this year when two white citizens were gunned down in Uptown and Downtown Minneapolis. Minneapolis has not recovered since these deaths were turned from being a crime and gang problem into a Black problem. In fact, from mid-day June 14 th , to early afternoon June 15 th , at least 7 individuals were shot, with at least one, so far, fatally.

The Star Tribune articles of June 12 - 14 th points fingers and cooks the statistics, using the Minneapolis Police Department crime statistics showing a 15% increase in violent crimes whereas the FBI says 35%. A computer glitch is blamed.

The "computer glitch" is the city and state's way of trying to pull the wool over the eyes of funding sources and acquire millions of dollars in private and public moneys.

When the national media identified Minneapolis as the most dangerous city in the Midwest and in the nation, city officials suddenly found a computer glitch, agreeing that the number is 15%, not 35%. That appeased the Chamber of Commerce and city merchants. But it doesn't appease the truth: the FBI numbers of 35%. Will the city return those dollars that were garnered through the so-called computer glitch? Of course not.

This raises serious questions. Chuck Wexler ( executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum and consultant on crime isues), reported at the Urban League meeting that juveniles account for 24 percent of all 2005 violent crime arrests (see also " On the agenda: Fighting crime ," Star Tribune, June 15, 2006). Wexler said " whatever we're doing, it isn't working. It's uneven at best, broken at worst." You think?

He sounds like he would like to round up Black youth by age 14 so they don't have felonies by age 16. Rev. Ian Bethel pointed to the obvious when he noted that this issue of juveniles and crime has been discussed for 10 years. This is why we say in Chapter 16 of our book that Minneapolis prefers disturbances if it can keep the status quo.

But times have changed. Since the Summer of 2005, at least 30 African Americans have died from shootings. Where has the money for this gone? To study the problem. Enough. We need to fight the Minneapolis penchant for paying this terrible price for the status quo.

The New York Times, on June 9 th ( After Gang Threat, It's Cap, Gown and Lockdown) wrote of a graduation in Levittown, PA, a suburb, "locked down" because of a gang threat. Metal detectors. Undercover police. Gangs are "expanding their operations from poor neighborhoods in major cities to small towns and the suburbs.

The gangs act not unlike the insurgents in Iraq, targeting rival gangs, threatening, shooting, intimidating and scaring the rest of the community. The recent arrests of Al Queda in Toronto and London revealed that most of them were Somalis. Do we know what is happening in our own Somali community? Will our inner city African Americans continue to be blamed when it is gangs from the outside? And so the New York Times reports that the gangs "have become more mobile, allowing them to reach into small towns that once considered themselves immune to urban ills." And how do the Levittown police respond? Just like Minneapolis: deny the truth: "the police, and elected officials, assert that the community's gang problem is small and manageable." The parents, of course know better: they say "the fear is inescapable."

Where is our Minneapolis data? Where is the evaluation of the efforts of Summer 2005 that was to have been shared with the public by December 1, 2005? Where is the plan to provide people of color not with death but with comfort, safety, and security?

We covered this in our 2005 Columns (see our web site archives, 2005 columns #9-12, 23, 25). Why are Chuck Wexler (White) and Minneapolis Foundation's head Emmit Carson (Black) not providing the promised report by December 1, , 2005, a report also requested last week, again, by Minneapolis City Council President Barb Johnson? The Strib said in August and September we'd have the evaluation for the public on the spending of the money by December 1. We appreciate Emmit's honor to be current President of the Philanthropic Association of America. But what about New Orleans (he heads the Louisiana Philanthropic Foundation, to coordinate moneys for Katrina victims) taking up to two years. And what about Minneapolis? Our city deserves better.
Posted 6-21-06, 4:00 a.m

June 7, 2006 Column #12: Hallelujah! Good Times Are Here Again! "Best Effort"

“Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues...”
A weekly column by Ron Edwards featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

About a week and a half ago, the old TV program "Good Times" hit the floor of the Minnesota Legislature, bucking and running, and shouting like JJ: "Dyn-o-mite."

The Gophers and Twins got their stadiums, the Viking's got a broken treaty, and us Black folks got put back in our place. Again. Man, you can't have it better than this to be White in Minnesota. A chicken in every pot, a Cadillac in every garage, every Black man in a zoot suit, and no Blacks on White work sites.

Over a year ago ( column #8, 4-20-05, Black share of $5 billion construction: Zero. What can be done to reverse "Blacks need not apply" for the coming great construction boom? ), we forecast a potential $5 billion boom in public works boom (stadium, Mall of America casino, "destination" development in Blaine, a hub to extend light rail from Minneapolis to St. Cloud (with another new casino; and ancillary projects and necessary infrastructure development for all of this). The two problems we saw were zero participation for Blacks and the Vikes being let out of town. When we asked about Blacks participating in this coming boom our so-called Black leaders reacted with silence. In our 7-13-05 column #14 , we asked, "where is the plan for Black's share of jobs, development?" Again, a terrifying scream of silence from our so-called Black leaders.

Now the legislature writes its own "Good Times" script the way they like: JJ unemployed. When Black legislators say every "best effort" would be made to guarantee that the zoot suits would have full employment, you know they are jiving. Remember "good faith effort," and "fair share." It's back to the old "take my hand, close your eyes, and just walk off the cliff."

You see, my friends, what the legislature did to us on the questions of diversity and fairness was to cut us out of contracts and hiring at these magnificent new projects. Our so-called Black "leaders" purposefully rolled over and went to sleep, singing their "don't do nuthin" lullaby. They are like Calhoun on the old Amos 'N Andy radio and TV show, who, as he went out the door with the deed to your house, turned and said, "Andy, don't you do nuthin 'til you hear from me."

Black Minnesotans, be advised: the first kick off will take place, the first pitch will be thrown, and we, in Black Minnesota, will still be waiting for our fair share. We warned that that this Othello tragedy could take place in four columns. Besides #8 and #14 above we wrote in Column #22 (White piggies grab 88% of EZ funds. Rybak keeps dumping on Black community) how the Enterprise zones were excluding Blacks and in Column #25 (Black opportunity crushed by council ramp vote. Keeping us in our place is the City's priority) how the Black owned MPI was shut down. Black leader response: "don't you do nuthin...."

Ask yourself these questions as you read this column. Who developed the plan for all of these new public works? How will it be enforced? Who benefits? Don't you see my friends that their golden dreams don't include Black workers? We refer you once again to Minnesota's Compliance Hall of Shame. We ask: can any one show us, can anyone prove to us, that not only will we have a fair shot as Black Minnesotans, but that we will make a fair profit? And I'm not talking about a couple of Black contractors whose claim to fame is how many contracts they passed back through to Ol Massa. As we have asked before, what are the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission and the NAACP doing fight for participation by Black contractors and Black workers, to combat the city's failure to be in compliance? Nothin.

Intelligence gathering at the University of Minnesota. Recently, highly placed and reliable sources identified a covert operation coordinated by the University Police Department It called for a couple of the leaders, who are in opposition to the research center, to be provoked and arrested. That in itself is very chilling. But then this is a different time in America, and powerful institutions can declare you an "enemy of the state." We ask the governing Board of Regents," why?" and ask them to share with the general public, and particularly the Black community, the university's intelligence gathering effort against citizens who do not agree with the university's involvement under Dr. Chicceti and Mr. Jones in the imposing of the research center in North Minneapolis. The ability of the highest-ranking law enforcement officer at the University to direct a law enforcement officer in the Minneapolis City Police Department to take questionable legal action leaves a chilling sense regarding the abuse of police power. It will be interesting to see how many civilians have been recruited and paid to spy on their neighbors. Stalin would have been proud. Earl Warren and Thurgood Marshall would have been sick to their stomachs. What kind of new day is the University bringing to Black America?

Antoine's at 28th and Hennepin. One of the best Creole restaurants in Minneapolis. Delicious Creole food. Great class. Wonderfully well-prepared meals. Enjoy Antoine's before the YWCA across the street runs them out of business. Beautiful restaurant. Very ugly neighbors.

Blogging convention in Las Vegas. Independent Thinking and Freedom Seeking Bloggers gather June 7-11. We'll follow on our own "Tracking the Gaps" blog.

Posted 6-20-06, 7:34 p.m.

May 24, 2006 Column #11: Community Benefits Agreement Or Chilling Bureaucratic Autocrats?

“Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues...”
A weekly column by Ron Edwards featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

The CBA is not a professional sports league. This Community Benefits Agreement program is beginning to look more like an economic package for the local race hustler league linked to the chilling bureaucratic autocrats league of the Twin Cities.

Have you seen the Los Angeles CBA? It includes the $17 Billion reconstruction of the Los Angeles International Airport. In documents circulated at a May 11, 2006 meeting, the L.A. CBA bought off the Black leadership for $500 million. No specific figure has been determined for Minneapolis’ CBA, but around $100 million seems accurate.

In the first week of May, the NRRC (Northside Residents Redevelopment Council) announced a dynamic and historical proposal to be executed to preserve the economic franchise of the Northside Communities of Color. Really?

We have already reported in this column that federal documents show the possible payment of $476,000 in developer’s fees. Who knows how many millions those fees cover, if any, or whether it is just part of Black “leaders” quietly keeping the rest of us out of the way of whites. Regardless, “fees for what?” An April 1, 2006 letter identifies the developers in question under the signature of the Minneapolis Urban League. Here are five questions to consider:

1. Have the federal government, the state of Minnesota, Hennepin County, City of Minneapolis, and the construction and trades industries, agreed to waive their statutory powers and again blatantly dispense of hiring compliance rules (as discussed in Chapter 9 of The Minneapolis Story)? Recall such headlines as General Contractor Does Not Have A Diverse Work Force. Developer Takes No Action To Either Correct Violation Or Enforce Penalties And Sanctions. Developer Does Not Meet Payroll Requirements. Developer Does Not Meet Bonding And Insurance Requirements.

2. Who will the research center be run and controlled by? Will the Research Center in North Minneapolis be diverse? If not, who will be held responsible for non-compliance? It has been stated that 300 jobs will emerge when the research center is completed. But given the nature of the research center, and given Dr. Cicchetti’s statement of expectation, how many of the very experienced, highly degreed, and highly certified staff will be Black?

3. When Dr. Cicchetti said, “I am one of the first people in the United States to study how childhood neglect affects the family,” is he nuts? Blacks have known, studied and lamented the affects of neglect forced upon our families by 300 years of slavery, 100 years of Jim Crow, and 50 years of white centered “Kerner Commission” civil rights programs. The result: the continued war on and disappearance of the Black male. Will Dr. Cicchetti help reverse or accelerate this?

4. Will the Research Center and the University of Minnesota be held accountable if the goals are not met? The Research Center will be spending its time researching children and families of color. Why no similar study program of white babies? Who will be responsible for any errors, mis-diagnoses, liabilities, and the underwriting of insurance? The CBA? UM? Or just “us” again?

5. Will those two neighborhoods that have been identified, Near North and Willard Hay, be held responsible if the program doesn’t “work”? Could the homes and property owners in those neighborhoods stand and absorb damages of $5, $10, or $15 millions of dollars or more? We don’t know. What we do know is the sorry history of the City of Minneapolis’ non-compliance. In fact, our most recent recollection is Holman, now referred to as Heritage Park.

Recall this Minneapolis and Minnesota non-compliance hall of shame: Metrodome, Twin Cities International Airport, Target Center, Holman/Heritage Park, City Center, County Jail, Norwest Bank Building, North High School, Paragon Time Warner, and Plymouth Avenue Redevelopment. These white Camelot dreams were terrible job compliance nightmares for communities of color, their families, and their children.

Isn’t the real need the return of Black businesses and Black entrepreneurship, not more entrepreneurial white programs building wealth for university whites at the expense of our community’s Blacks? As we were denied the profits and the benefits of the ten projects just listed, why think we will benefit now? AS Dr. Cicchetti and the university will profit, but the community won’t, why, as others have asked, do we need him and the university?

W.E.B. DuBois called for training our best 10% to lead the 90%. Instead our leaders are bought off with grants for themselves and non-compliance for the rest of us.

The search for a new police chief: RT Rybak’s decision to appoint a committee to begin an internal search for a new police chief is a departure from his enthusiastic new chief search two years ago. William McManus was good for the community. The Police Federation and the PCRC (Police Community Relations Council) had it right two years ago. If the mayor decides to reject the recommendation of the Federation and the PCRC, look for him to show how “progressive” he is by appointing a female Chief, like Atlanta and Austen. Stay tuned.

Posted 5-24-06

May 10, 2006, Column #10: Lest We Forget: Issues That Still Haunt Us and Won’t Go Away

“Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues...”
A weekly column by Ron Edwards featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

Clark trial. As we write this column, jury deliberation continues in the matter of the State of Minnesota vs. Larry Clark. For two weeks we sat as an observer at this trial, watching the dynamics of injustice flung about the court room of Judge Greg Johnson. At least in the case of Mr. Clark, his attorneys actually presented a defense and, by extension, protected his franchise and his constitutional right. This was far, far more than what was accorded his co-defendant Ronald Reed a little more than two months ago.

The testimony by defense witnesses, particularly from Community, was more powerful, knowledgeable, honest, and, we hope, persuasive. Only time and 12 white jurors will tell us the final verdict (or will it be a “latest version”?). My fear is that the atmosphere created by the denial of justice in the first trial will cause the same injustice in this one, although they can now say, “we tried.”

Minneapolis’ Safe City Initiative. Minneapolis unveiled its summer strategy for fighting crime last Wednesday, doing so, ironically between the death of a young person on the streets of Southside Minneapolis in the morning and the death of a young person that evening on the North side. This Safe City Initiative Plan is designed to bring a lot of money to the city of Minneapolis and its police department, in the name of “public order” and “safe streets.” It also calls for the roundup and detention of a disproportionate number of people of color. As with the Reed and Clark trials, and DWB (driving while Black), color, not character, remains the profiling of choice.

Round up prototype. Now in play in downtown Minneapolis (see our May 4, 2005 column that discussed Hennepin County District Court Judge Lindsay Arthur’s Roundup and Detention Plan of 1971 and 1972, the “final solution” for Blacks, with the current attempt being funded by the General Mills Foundation.

Round up juveniles. The Juvenile Unit has been revived by the Minneapolis Police Department after disbanding it three years ago. Not much left, like computers and other state of the art equipment. But the word is that corporate Minneapolis will provide up to a million dollars for the newly revived department. That means that by the end of June, crime should be down, incarceration should be up, and we should all have a warm fuzzy feeling. Right?

Round up research: the next horror movie. Coming soon is the research center that will be a new version of Frankenstein’s dream, another Tuskegee-like experiment. As we have stated in previous columns, the plans have been firmed up, the dollars committed, the staff identified, and Black “leaders” will receive a $476,000 developers fee. The price of betrayal keeps going up. Judas was bought for only 30 pieces of silver. All in exchange for purging young Black minds. Does this fulfill the federal initiative of 2002, to put into place the policy that every Black man be examined by age two?

Roundup certification model has been finalized. Designation and replacement have been identified. Mind altering drugs and medication have been selected and committed to. Now all we need are the little warm black bodies to ignite this latest “final solution.” Some at the university are saying Happy Days Are Hear Again. Not since the lacing of Black children’s milk by the public schools in the early 1970s, and Judge Lindsay Arthur’s Plan of 1971 and 1972 for Black detention/quarantine/internment in Hennepin County, have we seen such a plan.

Roundup web site. Let us once again share with you the web site of Dr. Cicchetti. We were the first to publish it:, in our January 18, 2006 column, “Researching you: analyzing the Black community”. Go to and look up Dr. Cicchetti’s book that he edited with Donald J. Cohen, “Developmental Psychopathology: Risk, Disorder, Adaptation”. Read about his theory about “the relationship between developmental psychopathology and genetics.” Remember our question: “Why not for White children?”
[Editor’s note: Dr. Cicchetti has co-edited collections of papers of others in a number of books. See list here on amazon/Cicchetti.]

Rounding up our cubs to deny them a good education. My book’s chapter 7 on Education speaks of clubbing our cubs into inferiority and helplessness. Is this what Dr. Cicchetti’s new theory allows? Check out the Florida state Supreme Court’s rulling last week that because Black kids did so much better in Charter schools than kids in the public schools, the “uniformity clause” was violated, and as voucher kids did superior. So Democrats, Democratic teachers union, and Democratic Black leaders, round up another Black generation for the unions’ educational detention ghetto, quarantining them from learning, facilitating uniform poverty and misery, yet paying for the education of illegal immigrants. This is “rational” for Democrats’ self interest but irrational for the future of Black kids and the country.

There goes Brad Childress again. A couple weeks ago Brad was quoted in both daily papers disrespecting Black college coaches, essentially saying Black Colleges don’t have quality coaching, because if they did Tavaris Jackson, his pick in the 2 nd round of the Draft, would be better. What an insult to Alabama State, its Black coaching staff and, particularly ASU Coach Reggie Barlow, who began coaching after an 8 year NFL career.

Posted 5-9-06, 4:35 p.m.

April 26, 2006 Column #9: Justice Deferred, Again In the Matter of Larry Clark

“Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues...”
A weekly column by Ron Edwards featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

Last week. 8 th floor of the Court House. St. Paul. Not saintly. “Justice overboard.” No one hears the cry. The Minnesota Yacht “Justice Denied” just keeps on sailing. No life boats for justice. Toss her overboard. Let her drown. Journalism drowns with her.

Baghdad St. Paul does it better than Saddam’s Baghdad: Showcase trials. Black defendants. No White Jurors. Guilty verdicts for the innocent. Lost statements. Witnesses not called. All as seen in Chapters 3, 5, and 10 of my book.

Larry Clark denied. It was clear as I sat in on the trial last week that Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone evil twin was at work, creating a parallel dimension. Everyone admits he didn’t pull the trigger. No one can put him at the scene of the crime. No one said he said he did it or had anything to do with hit. And who were star prosecution witnesses? Donald Walker, who stole a couple hundred thousand from Dave Winfield’s foundation and who has been a snitch for over 30 years, telling, for pay, what his Mastuhs wanted to hear, and Anthony Foster, who played the betraying Judas, selling Larry out for $1,500 in moving expenses and $300 in cash, not to mention both to get a piece of the $100,000 reward. I heard them tell stories that were right out of lalaland.

Dred Scott, again? Is the all White jury there to serve justice or White interests? To follow the Constitution of this great nation or primitive racism? We woinder if they and the court are thinking like Justice Taney, who said this about the Supreme Coutrt cancelling the 14 th amendment for Blacks with their Dred Scott decision: “There are just no rights that a Black American has that we ... are obligated to respect and honor.”

Justice denied, again: Just prior to the trial Mr. Clark’s relatives were told that an hour and a half statement given by me, in October of 2005, had been lost. They were absolutely shocked. I wasn’t, as my three and a half hour statement to Ronald Reed’s investigators had also been “lost.” Reed’s attorney still didn’t call me to testify on Reed’s behalf, even though I was subpoenaed twice to do so. Watch out for your court appointed attorneys.

All White jury, again. So much for a jury of your peers. Larry’s jury is all White. And the three major murder cases in Ramsay County over a four month period, with three separate juries and 42 jury members selected, had not one single Black American. What Twilight Zone are we in that our juries are the same as 1960s South Africa?

Justice for all, or just for Whites? We hope and pray for the best. We’ll be positive. This is America. America’s Black sons and daughters are fighing and dying in the Great War in the Middle East. They fight for freedom and liberty and justice for all. May that apply to Larry Clark also and result in his being acquitted of the falsely accused high crimes.

Is a little Cincinnati in our future ? What were the circumstances that led to a major confrontation involving at least 30 White and Asian Minneapolis police officers duking it out in a major battle royale slugfest, inside and outside their favorite watering hole, the bar known as “Drink”?

Rumor has it that Asian officers were tired of the disrespect shown to Asian patrons in that bar and the disrespect shown to them as Minneapolis Police Officers by their fellow White comrades in arms. It looks like now that the tensions that existed between Black and White officers in the department is now spreading to tension between White and Asian officers. What is the common denominator? White racism. If we are not careful, we could have a repeat of the riot in the City Hall chambers between White officers and non-white officers in Cincinnati in 1976. Whites are in charge in Minneapolis. Why don’t they champion esprit de corps among all cops?

To be young and black. Awfully dangerous. The number of young African Americans who are being beaten by Minneapolis’ finest is frightening. Since the death of two White males, too many White officers have been heard to say that it is time for payback. It appears to be a department that is out of control and unmanageable. What say you, Mayor Rybak?

Governor Pawlenty. Tim. Are you getting the national guard ready?

Moe Williams: we wish you justice. How peculiar in the trial of Moe Williams that the Special Proscecutor, Mr Tallan, dismissed the only prospective Black juror because of “attitude” problems. The judge said it sounded awfully weak. Then he still allowed the challenge (like Pontius Pilate, he was washing his hands of it).

Shoot out along 2006’s Bagdad Minneapolis’ Hennepin Avenue . 3 African Americans shot down, Wednesday, April 19 th . No outrage from the Mayor. Or the council. Or Don Samuels. Or the NAACP. Or the Urban League. By your silence we know ye.

Journalism denied. Strib: “Old Yellow.” Polemicists. Biased. Opinions treated as truth. Stories quashed that don’t’ fit the paper party line. Subscriptions down. Readership down. Credibility down. Truth overboard.

Posted 4-26-06, 10:52 a.m.

April 12, 2006 Column #8: Let Daunte Go In Peace! The Attacks on Culpepper Continue

“Through My Eyes, the Minneapolis Story Continues...”
A weekly column by Ron Edwards featured in the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

Daunte Culpepper. He has finally been allowed to leave town, the judge having dismissed the false case against him. Moe Williams’s case should have been dismissed also. The court detoured to the absence of evidence issue rather than deal with the presence of racism issue that led to the false charge in the first place.

Imposed degradation. Dante Culpepper’s case exposes the “imposed degradation,” as Thurgood Marshall argued before the Supreme Court in Brown V. Board of Education, discussing how fragile the rights of Blacks are in White America (the Supreme Court ruled agreed, ruling unanimously against school segregation; in its “judicial disturbance,” the Court reinstated the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments blocked by Jim Crow legislation). White folks make an allegation and the system takes it as gospel, as in the accusation of the white woman against Kirby Puckett. Although acquitted, Kirby’s reputation was tarnished and his heart was broken. But the essence of our beloved Kirby Puckett cannot be repelled.

Cynthia McKinney. The gentlewoman from Georgia now joins the millions of Black Americans racially profiled each and every day. There are only 14 African American women in the Congress of the United States. It is clear that all Blacks look alike to Capitol Police. Last Thursday, when the Congresswoman apologized on the floor of Congress for how she responded, we saw the traditional diplomatic response where a Black had to again carry the burden of having to apologize for American racism.

Tom DeLay . One is left with the feeling that so much of the notoriety attached to McKinney is really a diversion away from the humiliating departure of the once powerful Republican whip Tom Delay of Texas. If the conservatives had asked the tough questions about the weapons of war and terrorism, as they have about McKinney in the doorway, we may have been a nation with a plan that could have saved the lives of over 2,300 young Americans. By the way, this just in: Scooter Libby identifies the President of the United States as authorizing the leaking of sensitive information. It will be interesting to see how the President deals with those who seek sensitive security information. Will the President spank himself?

Posted 4-12-06

Ron hosts “Black Focus” on Channel 17, MTN-TV, Sundays, 5-6 pm. Formerly head of the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission and the Urban League, he continues his “watchdog” role for Minneapolis. Order his book, hear his voice, read his solution papers, and read his between columns “web log” at

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