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06-30-08, Blog #16: Settlement conference in law suit of African American officers begin Thurs, June 26, 2008

Posted 6-30-08

06-30-08, Blog #15: Decision at last: Take it to a federal grand jury

A special federal grand jury, Federal District of Minnesota will convene on the 14 th of July, to take testimony in the matter of US against Officer Mike Roberts. The other two officers have been exhonerated on this matter. We believe Officer Mike Roberts will be exonerated also.

Posted 6-30-08

06-30-08, Blog #14: Departure of Clarence Hightower

Effective July 31, 2008, as President of the Urban League of Minneapolis, adds to the crisis of leadership within the Black leadership.

Posted 6-30-08

06-11-08, Blog #13: Congratulations to Alex Jackson, First Africian American nominee to be Chief of the Minneapolis Fire Department

Alex Jackson is a 27 year veteran who has served as Interim Chief. Alex was among the 3 rd batch of African American cadets after the feds took control (as a result of the 1971 lawsuit, Carter v. Gallagher (with "Carter" being African American John Carter and "Gallagher" being the City of Minneapolis).

As the Strib pointed out June 10, 2008 (Fire chief nominee is longtime integration activist) , this has been a 40 year battle. The consent degree was lifted in 2001. Along the way, the city was fined twice, in 1992 and 1996, for violating the consent degree, the city was fined each time $500,000. During 21 years of this , there was also an Oversight Committee. For ten of thiose years I was the chair. I never missed a meeting in those 21 years. During this period, especially under the leadership of Fire Chief Rocco Forte, the Minneapolis Fire Department became the most diverse in the USA. We know that Alex Jackson will continue this new tradition of racial integration and equal access to promotional opportunities to Blacks as well as to whites.

Posted 06-11-08, 8:52 p.m.

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