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Gary Cunningham leaves position at NWAF (Nortwest Area Foundation) to take position with MEDA (The Metropolitan Economic Development Association); Gary Cunningham is the Minneapolis Mayor’s husband. 

June 12, 2014

Question #1:  What happened to cause Gary Cunningham to be downgraded from his VP/Executive position with  the Northwest Area Foundation (NWAF, in top 100 foundations in the USA) to The Metropolitan Economic Development Association (Meda), a county organization?
Question #2: Why did only whites know about it before the deed was done? 
Question #3: Thus, when was he first approached and told he was leaving the NWAF for Meda? 
Question #4:  Did the NWAF not meet its vision under Cunningham's watch ("Thriving communities through equal economic participation") nor achieve its mission ("Help entrepreneurs of color succeed!")?
Question #5:  Why is it Cunningham only stays 3 years in any job? 
Question #6:  why do the white power brokers who establish boards and councils and advisories and then appoint who will serve on them, install those who will maintain the status quo by “talking and walking in circles” in order to ensure maintaining no-change containment, so problems remain unsolved and thus their jobs for dealing with them are not eliminated).
Question #7: do so-called "black leaders" serve in the House to contain the field hands, the status quo and, therefore, their jobs?
Question #8: is the status quo maintained by the so-called non-profit do-gooders (churches, foundations, charities, government safety net agencies), the not so hidden "job profit" they get by keeping their non-profit jobs by spending time on planning but not solving so that problems remain and, thus, their jobs remain?

Posted June 15, 2014, 8:48 a.m.
Edited with 2 changes, 11:59 p.m. 

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