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August entries posted below:

August 31, 2016, Rule 18 Key for Keefe, calamity for Minneapolis. [Federal Rule 18, “Place of Prosecution and Trial”]  

August 29, 2016: The continued battle by Michael Keefe for Justice

August 26, 2016,: Minneaplis reeling from white supremacist attack and murder of Black African in Dinky town on UM camputs

August 24, 2016: What does Trump’s Challenge to consider voting for him for President say about us and our ideologies about race? 

Rule 18 Key for Keefe, calamity for Minneapolis.
Federal Rule 18, “Place of Prosecution and Trial:”  
ED note, 9-2-16:  Typo in 8-31-16 text: 16 was in title instead of 18. The text of the Augusg 31, 2016 entry was correct: Rule 18. 
An additional note:  Rule 18 is derived from the Constitution of the United States, Article III. Section 2, Paragraph 3.

August 31, 2016

Reference:  previous blog entry below, The continued battle by Michael Keefe for Justice, 8-29-16.

Authoritative sources have told this columnist/blogger/author/broadcaster,  that the legal premise that is being used now in the investigation of the constitutional violations of Sgt Michael Keefe’s rights, is Rule 18 of the Criminal code. 

Federal authorities have directed their investigative agency to investigate, using Rule 18, which gives broad and sweeping authority and power to examine the depth of conspiracy to violate the rghts of individuals, under color of law, which means in this case, of Sgt. Keefe.

Specifically, evidence gathered by the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, identifies a Hennepin County Judge, Postin, as the final link in the conspiracy.  Her decision (made on her last day as a sitting judge -- she continues to do legal work for Hennepin County)  enabled the carrying out of action that was in violation of the constitutional rights of Sgt. Keefe.

Other judicial individuals have also been identified in filings made by the attorneys for Sgt. Keefe, when they filed many months ago.

One of the entities formerly notified was the Star Tribune.

There will be further updates on this blog site over the coming weeks.

Stay tuned.

Written August 31, 2016
Posted September 1, 2016, afternoon
Edited with additonal information and correction of "18", September 2, 2:30 a.m.

The continued battle by Michael Keefe for Justice

August 29, 2016 We have just learned from sources in Washington, D.C., that the Department of Justice will open an investigation into the matter of Michael Keefe and move against the city of Minneapolis with indictments of criminal charges against current and former Minneapolis officials. The stunning aspect of this ten year old case is that what we write here is not a “scoop” in the traditional sense of that term, as we have just found out. What is stunning is that the Star Tribune and the major city newspapers in St. Paul, Rochester, and Duluth, have all known about this since May 2016, and yet, due to their involvement and potential indictment, have remained silent.

This comes as an outgrowth of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee investigation, compelled by constitutional law due to the violation of constitutional rights and violation of equal protection of Minneapolis citizens. They refered it tt the Department of Justice that then sent it to the FBI to investigate.

We await eagerly to see how this case unfolds and to what level the press will now finally cover it, and to what degree with they be honest about their involvedent in the coverups regarding this casel and in the violation of constitutional rights of fellow offieers and citizens.

Stay tuned.

Over 20,000 words on the Keefe case since 2007, in our our archives of columns, blog entries, and solution papers. Order The Minneapolis Story and A Seat for Everyone, at Beacon on the Hill Press.


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• July 14, 2008: Ending the City's and MPD's COVER-UP OF DISCRIMINATION will help to end the Discrimination in the Minneapolis Police Department

Written Monday, August 29, 2016
Posted Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 2:15 am
Hyperlinked, August 30, 2016, 10:55 a.m.

Editor's note, See Solution paper #51, 9-4-16: 29 additional links to columns related as background to the Michael Keefe Case.


Minneaplis reeling from white supremacist attack and murder of Black African in Dinky town on UM camputs

This was the fourth act of violence of a white supremacist since the first of the year.  Savage murder of an African American on 1300 block of Union Ave.  White supremacist apprehended at scene,  The question becomes why he wasn’t identified as a white supremacist. 

Some wonder if this is an indication of the conflicts sweeping the country between Clinton and Trump camps,  he calling her a bigot and racist and she calling him a disciple and follower of white supremacists.

Written August 26, 2016
Posted August 27, 2016, 5:35 am

What does Trump’s Challenge to consider voting for him for President say about us and our ideologies about race? 

August 24, 2016

On August 19, 2016, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Donald Trump asked for Blacks to vote for him, for, he said, given how little the Democrats have done for them, he asked what have you got to lose taking a chance on voting for him?  He has laid down the gauntlet.  The real challenge is elite Blacks trying to maintain the status quo at the expense of inner city Blacks in order for them to maintain their elite and prestigious positions.

Trump challenges.  How will Democrats respond?  How will Republicans respond, especially the other 16 he beat in the debates and primaries.  We have heard from Ben Carson, who approves.  What do the others say, especially those who are not supporting the Mr. Trump?

I will address this challenge in my published column for next week, September 1, 2016, already submitted and awating publication.  But the challenge is not just to Blacks.  It is also to whites.  And it is not just to Democrats.  It is also to Republicans and to the other two parties claiming also to have answers and solutions, Johnson’s Independents and Steins Greens.  A more interesting question is why Mr. Blow and others don’t advocate full democracy and demand that the other two parties be included in the up-coming debates.

Some say what Trump says is new.  It is not.  Nonetheless we thank Donald Trump for supporting what Blacks have been saying since 1863.   A lesson for everyone:  know your history.  And vote.

Charles Blow said on CNN today, 8-24-16, that no one takes Trump seriously when he asks Blacks to vote for him, given the poor record by the Democrats, so “what have you to to lose?”    See also here.   

I take him seriously. 

Blows says Trump is about racism, that Trump is actually ‘urinating’ on black voters and telling them to ‘dance in the rain’.   Blow further asserts that Trump’s “outreach” is “the most insidious form of bigotry”.   When Blow says to a  Black Trump Supporter: You Are "Part Of The Bigotry That Is Donald Trump," he is issuing the worst form of bigotry, that Blacks who don’t buy his view are worse that whites.  This is always the view of authoritarians, regardless of race, creed, color, ideology, orientation, etc.  We all know that is not true.

But Blow’s whopper is his assertion that “He has scoured the web and his personal acquaintances to find one black person who earnestly believes Trump’s message and supports this so-called “outreach.”  The Black Trump supporter he castigated obviously is a Black who accepts what Trump asserts.  Ben Carson accepts it.  Let me add my position:  there is truth in much of Trump’s challenge, which I have in my 2000 book and in my web page that has focused on this since 2003..

Today Ben Carson was asked on CNN about Blow’s comments, and said he agreed with Donald Trump, commenting on Trump’s statement, affirming his opposition also to the public policies that continue to harm the Black communities, especially those in the inner cities. 

As a long time community advocate for civil rights fighting discrimination and the racism of Democratic spawned racist public policy and often supported by Republicans, the fight is not yet over.  The worst or those who claim to be for civil rights and racial equality but who are also the same ones favoring and executing policies that block opportunity for most of the Black Americans in inner cities.

In my books, my columns, my radio and access TV programs, I have continued the same outreach as Mr. Trump, reaching out to BOTH whites AND blacks and their leadership, leadership that  joins in maintaining the status quo that sustains their jobs and prosperity but does nothing for non-elite Blacks and non-elite Whites. 

Uncovering and exposing racism, injustice, and discrimination have been my hall marks for decades.  I have reached out to the Black community to stand up as Mr. Trump suggests, and have outlined and listed many solution papers for resolving the issues of the inner cities, especially in terms of education, jobs and housing, and closing the Black – White gaps.  

I suggest Mr. Blow stop concentrating on the speck in Mr. Trump’s eyes when he has logs in his.  When I wrote my book in 2000, the The Minneapolis Story Through my Eyes, the national NAACP had me expelled “for writing it” (bye bye second amendment), even while admitting nothing in the book was false or incorrect.  My chapter 14 offers the logs used by modern status quo Blacks to build their Lincoln cabins, as expressed in this long but highly descriptive title for Chapter 14:   THE ROLE OF MINNEAPOLIS BLACK ORGANIZATIONS IN THE MINNEAPOLIS STORY:  Civil Rights Commission, Urban League, NAACP, Churches/Synagogues/Mosques Being Part of the Problem Rather than the Solution, As They Move Toward White-Like Black-Elite Rule, For Spoils Not Principles And Sell Out Inner city Black Community Interests:  Education, Housing, and Jobs, Dignity and Recognition.

This is but one of 50 Solution papers ignored by both Blacks and Whites.  See also recent solution papers # 48 (11-19-15:  THE “HOW TO” To EXPAND THE MINNEAPOLIS TABLE TO PROVIDE “A SEAT FOR EVERYONE.

Here is the potential good news:  even if Trump is not elected, if his effort finally awaken the sleeping giant that are the poor people of Martin Luther King’s poor peoples march, and his efforts finally halt the Black elite’s purposeful racism in public policy related to education, jobs and housing, he will have have done more for Blacks than all the elite commentators.

Trump is correct when he implies we should not vote for any party that leaves us in the back of the bus.

When will Democrats, Republicans, and all who follow or lean toward the progressive programs that have led to these key disastrous realities regarding inner city Black communities:  second class schools and teachers, second class jobs and higher unemployment among 17 – 34 year old Black men, second class housing and economic neighborhood development, and second class efforts dealing with higher incarceration rates for crime and gun violence neighborhoods.

Donald Trump echoes what has long been known and long eloquently expressed, before, during, and since the Jim Crow period, although too many choose to ignore it.

Trump echoes  what Black historians and community and civil rights activists have long criticized. 

In 1932, enlightened Negroes were saying the same thing to the Republican party regarding Black America’s support for Franklin Delano Roosevelt as Donald Trump is doing regarding Democrats in 2016. 

1901:  Those who research history archives regarding the first third of the 20th century,  discover that by 1901, both the Democrats and Republicans had sold out the African American and the African American future in the United States of America, a sell out that continues in the 21st century, regardless of who is President. 

President Woodrow Wilson (served as President 1913-1921), a Democrat and leading progressive, was so comfortable abandoning the Negro, that he allowed and supported segregation, as it was “in their interest.”  As a result, most of the city’s public facilities, schools, and housing were segregated by law or practice, meaning the entire city of Washington, D.C., the cty that was supposed to be a beacon on the hill shining its light of freedom, liberty, and justice for all.   It appears as if Donald Trump is reflecting on this dynamic in our history while Democrats continue to deny it.

Too often black reflections are not accepted until the same facts are seen as relevant only when a white person makes them.  Trump is now a white person affirming what Blacks have said since 1863.

What Donald Trump said must not be dismissed.  The Harlem Rennaisance and driving forces for deep discussions and calls to action, became a movement that would not be denied, even as the country moved into the Great Depression, and even as the country continues to deny it. 

The discussions of the early 1920s - late 1930s, created a challenging mindset expressed by African Americans after doing battle for this country and for democracy during World War II.  It is important, regardless  of who said it in white America, that Donald Trump merely echoed what was said by African Americans at the end of the 1st world war, at the end of the 2nd world war, and at the end of the uprisings and conflicts of the 1960s.

We welcome The Donald for also exposing  the painful and sad history of Black America.  As the sons and daughters of the African, we see far too little change and improvement, irrespective of the election of Barack Obama, and the tireless and committed commitment of those claiming to establish better opportunities and access for the sons and daughters of the African as they continually talk the walk. 

The key question remains:  when when will they walk their talk?

Stay tuned.

Written Wednesday, August 24, 2016, in the afternoon.
Posted Wednesday, August 24, 2016, 10:50 p.m., CDT

Coming soon...

Solution paper #49 from the 2008 book, ”A Seat for Everyone: The Freedom Guide that Explores a Vision for America

Solution paper #50 The Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther and Machievelli approach/position on non-violence.

Ron hosts “Black Focus” on Channel 17, MTN-TV, Sundays, 5-6 pm. Formerly head of the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission and the Urban League, he continues his “watchdog” role for Minneapolis. Order his book, hear his voice, read his solution papers, and read his between columns “web log” at

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