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2014 Columns

“Through My Eyes”

Weekly column of Ron Edwards
From the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Continuing The Minneapolis Story,
Ron’s “Black Focus,” airs Sundays, 5-6 p.m.,
On Channel 17, MTN-TV

Quarter 4: October thru December

December, 31, 2014 #53: Year-end reflections of 2014: a year of confusion and expectations.

December, 24, 2014 #52a: Adrian Peterson vs. the NFL. Shame on the NFL and its Lack of Legality and Fairness

December, 17, 2014 #51: The issue of race will not go away. Protests continue across the nation.

December, 10, 2014 #50: A Nation Reviews Racism. Continued Fallout From Ferguson

December, 3, 2014 #49: Ferguson: Are you surprised by the grand jury verdict?

November, 26, 2014 #48: Channel 11’s Randy Shaver says North High is unworthy.  Randy Shaver is wrong!

November, 19, 2014 #47: Election 2014 — Republicans take control of Congress: How?

November, 12, 2014 #46: German profit, Minnesota failure. Many questions surround Vikings stadium transparent roof

November, 05, 2014 #45: Poor timing, dishonest reporting. Demoted MPD Captains in Star Tribune story of October 28, 2014

October, 29, 2014 #44: Sheriff Richard W. Stanek has earned another term.

October, 22, 2014 #43: Thomas Eric Duncan, a man denied. Another American tragedy of medical apartheid.

October, 15, 2014 #42: Dick Gregory and Clyde Bellecourt continue as great civil rights warriors.
Revisiting 11-6-13 column: Redskins’ controversy heats up again.

October, 8, 2014 #41: Senator Hayden Deserves Due Process.  That is the Fair Way.
Black leaders need to demand he gets due process

October, 1, 2014 #40: Senator Hayden Deserves Due Process.  That is the Fair Way. Black leaders need to demand he gets due process.

Quarter 3: July thru September

September, 24, 2014 #39: Peterson, Rice and the NFL. The controversies continue

September, 17, 2014 #38: New developments in Ferguson, MO. New witnesses come forward.

September, 10, 2014 #37: Ferguson and Homeland Security: Some ask: "Are they intertwined?" We answer by asking: "Why are they being intertwined?", because they are!

September, 3, 2014 #36: Vikings win — again. Wilfs save stadium — again.

August, 27, 2014 #35: 6% Blacks in MPD. When will we get the numbers right?

August, 20, 2014 #34: Ferguson, MO: An American Race Tragedy. Again. Conflicting versions with parallels to Minneapolis

August, 13, 2014 #33: Stadium Update. Is 34% minority participation goal being met?

August, 7, 2014 #32: The real immigration story

July, 30, 2014 #31: MPD and MFD in trouble (Minneapolis Police and Fire Departments). Racial balance is being lost.

July, 23, 2014 #30: The violence just won’t go away. Minneapolis, Indianapolis and Chicago at the Crossroads

July, 16, 2014 #29: We have not waved a white flag!

July, 9, 2014 #28: A Civil Rights and faith leader passes from the American scene

July, 3, 2014 #27: The Need for a New Lillian Anthony 1st Director of Minneapolis Civ Rts Dept

Quarter 2: April thru June

June, 25, 2014 #26: Velma Korbel must go! Resignation must be submitted immediately

June, 18, 2014 #25: The Keefe Report has been released into the open. Yet “they” continue to try to bury what can no longer be buried

June 11, 2014, #24: The tragedy of guns in the streets. Another senseless death.

June, 4, 2014 #23: Keefe file now open to the public. Sgt. Michael Keefe waits his day in court

May, 29, 2014 #22: Returning to an old order after 30 years. A retreat for Black leaders to plan actions to enable Whites to feel safe.

May, 22, 2014 #21: Equity in light rail postponed again.

May, 15, 2014 #20: Safe streets promoted for White baseball. Selective reporting keeps the true level of violence concealed

May, 8, 2014 #19: Donald, Donald, Donald Sterling. A test for the NBA and Adam Silver

May 1, 2014 #18: Gang summit in Minneapolis. Preparing for summer 2014

April, 24, 2014 #17: The continuing battle of Sgt. Michael Keefe, and the disappearance of Black police officers from the MPD

April, 17, 2014 #16: Congratulations Kevin Ollie! Congratulations University of Connecticut!

April, 10, 2014 #15: Toxic and corrupt environment in civil rights department

April, 3, 2014 #14: A Silent Campaign For The Mineapolis Board Of Education Election

Quarter 1: January thru March

March, 27, 2014 #13: Was it Tubby Smith’s Fault? Gophers miss NCAA Basketball Tournament.

March, 20, 2014 #12: Nine hundred complaints disappear. Only 16 cases under investigation.

March, 13, 2014 #11: What happened to the receipts? Revisiting the Tornado Relief Funds.

March, 6, 2014 #10: M.A. Mortenson not up to the task for an NFL stadium. Construction manager track record in construction: Junior Varsity

February, 26, 2014 #9: When bribery and corruption causes death!. In the deaths of five children in North Minneapolis

February, 19, 2014 #8: A reappointment that is a mistake. Velma Korbel to again head the Department of Civil Rights

February, 12, 2014 #7: Significant economic surge for the Black community by Sports Authority? Or manipulation of numbers to conceal few Black workers?

February, 5, 2014 #6: State of Emergency in Minnesota. When corporate and government greed take over America

January, 29, 2014 #5: NAACP activates legal strategy. Local branch joins Doug Mann in law suit against the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority

January, 22, 2014 #4: Financial disaster for Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority

January, 15, 2014 #3: Promises, Promises, Promises. What good is an Equity Plan with no follow through?

January, 08, 2014 #2: The Rooney Rule is dead. Next Vikings coach “must” be White.

January, 1, 2014 #1: Looking back at 2013, Through Real Eyes

Ron hosts “Black Focus” on Channel 17, MTN-TV, Sundays, 5-6 pm. Formerly head of the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission and the Urban League, he continues his “watchdog” role for Minneapolis.

Order his book at Hear his voice, read his solution papers, and read his between columns “web log” at

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