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“Through My Eyes” is the weekly column of Ron Edwards from the Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder Continuing The Minneapolis Story, Ron’s “Black Focus,” airs Sundays, 5-6 p.m., on Channel 17, MTN-TV. Formerly head of the Minneapolis Civil Rights Commission and the Urban League, Ron Edwards continues his “watchdog” role for Minneapolis.

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Tracking the gaps in education, jobs, housing, the State of Emergency for Black inner city Youth, the obstructing of equal access and equal opportunity for minorities; and searching for solutions through the use of the Golden Rule (book's Chapter 5), the use of The Minneapolis Building Blocks and The Seven Key Solutions to create fairness, justice, and reconciliation so that all can acquire assets and build wealth. We can do so implementing the four freedoms," articulated in the 1-11-44 State of the Union speech, in which the freedoms of speech and of religion and the freedoms from want and from fear would be freedoms for everyone in this country and for everyone "everywhere in the world," offering Higher Hopes For Youth Than Hip Hop by, together, working to reduce violence in our schools and communities.

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